January 2, 2018

Phone System Update – Please Read!

NeCGA is currently transitioning to a new phone and internet provider with the move of Capitol Management out of the shared office space. We have working phones however, our NeCGA phone number (402-438-6459) has not been ported to us and it isn’t rolling over yet .

If you need to reach the office please call our temporary number: 402-904-5346.

If you call our old number you will get a voice message, but we will NOT be able to retrieve those messages.

If you have questions please email Morgan Wrich at mwrich@necga.org or Kelly Brunkhorst at kbrunkhorst@necga.org.

If can’t reach us through the temporary number, you may also call Morgan Wrich, Director of Grower Services or Kelly Brunkhorst, Executive Director on their cell phones.