The Nebraska Corn Growers Association 2018 Annual Meeting will take place on Wednesday, December 19, 2018, at Nebraska’s Innovation Campus in Lincoln. The annual meeting is a time for grower members to come together and discuss the policy that will direct the association for the coming year. All local association president’s and NeCGA board members have received a hard copy of the 2018 resolutions, along with proposed resolutions forms, delegate forms, and other pertinent information. If you have any questions regarding the annual meeting, please reach out to the office, the local association president, or state board representative. Following the business portion of the meeting, NeCGA will join together with the Nebraska Soybean Association for lunch and to hear from the featured speaker.

This year we are excited to welcome Eric Snodgrass. Eric Snodgrass is the Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Each year, he guides over 1800 students through the wild side of weather in ATMS 120: Severe and Hazardous Weather. He teaches advanced courses on General Physical Meteorology (ATMS 201), Meteorological Instrumentation (ATMS 315), Economics of Weather (ATMS 491) and supervises numerous Capstone Research projects. Snodgrass also teaches ENSU 310: Renewable and Alternative Energy for the Environmental Sustainability Program. He advises all undergraduate majors and minors in atmospheric science (~100 students) and supervises graduate teaching assistants and master’s students. He serves on numerous committees and boards on campus including the Provost’s Teaching Advancement Board (Chair), Student Sustainability Committee and the Provost Task Force on Improving Large Enrollment Courses. Snodgrass’ research initiatives focus on K-12 science education. He has recently been awarded the LAS Teaching Excellence award, the Campus Teaching Excellence Award, and the Campus Teaching Excellent Award in Online and Distance Education. Also, his online version of ATMS 120 was awarded the 2012 “Best Online Course” from the University Professional Continuing Education Association (a national organization).

Snodgrass’ research focuses on weather analysis and forecasting applications to global agriculture production. He presents his research as a featured speaker at over 50 conferences annually. He is the co-founder of Global Weather and Climate Logistics, LLC. which is a private company that provides logistical guidance and solutions to weather sensitive financial institutions. In 2014, his company merged with Agrible Inc., a precision farm management and predictive analytics company, where he is also co-founder and senior atmospheric scientist. In July 2018, Nutrien Ag Solutions acquired Agrible, Inc. He provides weekly weather updates that focus on weather risk in US agriculture. His current research uses machine learning to better understand field-level weather impacts on yields in the US and how to increase confidence in long-range predictions of these impacts.

Below are the results from the Central Plains Corn Growers Association 2018 Plot. For more information, please contact the president of the association, Dave Warner.

Central Plains Plot Results_PDF

Below are the results from the 2018 York County Corn Growers Association Plot. For more information or if you have questions, please reach out to the York County Extension Office.

PDF Version

Results of the Custer County Corn Growers Association 2018 Plot are in! See below for the results and location of the plot. For more information please contact Guy Mills, President of the Custer County Corn Growers:
PDF Version

Plot Location:


Below you will find the results of the 2018 Dryland Plot of the Southeast Corn Growers Association. For questions regarding this plot, please contact Randy Pryor, UNL Extension Educator at the Southeast Research and Extension Center: .

PDF Version

The Nebraska Corn Growers Association is pleased to announce that applications for the next class of the PRIME Program are now available. The PRIME Program is a continuing education opportunity for younger or newer producers who are interested in learning more about the Nebraska Corn Growers Association and bettering their farming operation. Over the course of a year, participants will come together for three seminars to learn and discuss new ideas that can be incorporated into their own operations.

“Bringing the next generation into the association is crucial for the longevity of the association, and the PRIME Program is a great first step. I look forward to welcoming this next class into a great program,” said Dan Wesely, President of NeCGA.

The first session will be March 25th and 26th, with the second session taking place in late June. The final session will be in conjunction with the Nebraska Corn Growers Association annual meeting. Applications for the PRIME Program can be found at The applications are due by Friday, December 28, 2018. All costs participate in the program are covered for those that are 3-year members of the association.

The PRIME Program is made possible with funding from our presenting partners, Northwestern Mutual and Farm Credit Services, along with the Nebraska Corn Board. For more information about the PRIME Program, please visit

The Nebraska Corn Growers Association is a grassroots organization that works to create and increase opportunities for Nebraska corn farmers through advocacy, education, partnerships, and leadership development.

Direct questions to Morgan Wrich, Director of Grower Services, at Applications can be found here: PRIME Class III Application.