Below is a listing of the bills of interest to the Nebraska Corn Growers Association. Included is a description of the bill and the position the Nebraska Corn Growers Association has on the bill. Click on the associated link to access the full text of the bill or visit the Nebraska Legislature homepage.

Bill NumberIntroducerStatusNeCGA PositionView BillTestimony
LB684 Senator BloodHearing - 1/26/2018
Change the Beginning Farmer Tax Credit Act
LB693Senator BloodHearing 2/23/2018
Regulates and creates criminal offenses regarding the use of unmanned aircraft systems.
LB722Senator WayneNatural Resources LB722
Provide a renewable energy electric power generation requirement for certain public power and irrigation districts
LB723Senator WayneNatural ResourcesLB 723
Change net metering provisions by redefining qualified facility and increasing the rated capacity limit as prescribed.
LB728Senator WayneHearing 1/26/2018
Change individual income tax brackets and rates
LB752Senator BrewerJudiciary 02/08/2018LB752
Limit the authority of certain political subdivisions to acquire rights-of-way
LB755Senator BrewerHearing 1/30/2018
Transportation and Telecommunications
Change rules for operation of all-terrain vehicles and utility-type vehicles.
LB758Senator HughesHearing 1/17/2018
Natural Resources
Require collaboration between natural resources districts and counties under the Nebraska Ground Water Management and Protection Act.
LB766Senator BraschHearing 1/30/2018
Change provisions relating to division fences
LB778 Senator GroeneEducationLB778
Require voter approval for school district building fund levies
LB822Senator HughesHearing 1/18/2018
Natural Resources
Change provisions relating to the Department of Natural Resources
LB829Senator ErdmanHearing 1/25/2018
SupportLB829Testimony LB 829
Adopt the Property Tax Relief Act
LB850Senator LinehanHearing 1/31/2018
Govt, Military & Vet. Aff.
Require disclosure of the anticipated cost to a political subdivision to pay off its bonds
LB884Senator HarrHearing 1/18/2018
Change and eliminate provisions relating to county sales and use taxes
Senator HowardHearing 2/23/2018
Prohibit restraining animals in the event of certain natural or manmade disasters or severe weather events as prescribed
LB905 Senator KuehnHearing 1/19/2018
SupportLB905Testimony LB905
Change the burden of proof for certain protests of real property valuations
LB907Senator BakerHearing 2/01/2018
Change provisions relating to a sales and use tax exemption for agricultural machinery and equipment
LB910Senator BolzRevenue LB910
Adopt the Property Tax Circuit Breaker Act and change the funding of the Property Tax Credit Act
LB911Senator BolzRevenueOpposeLB911
Adopt the School District Local Option Income Surtax Act
LB938 Senator Stinner Hearing 02/08/2018
Change provisions relating to the transfer of excess General Fund net receipts to the Cash Reserve Fund
LB941Senator WayneRevenueLB941
Change the calculation of the tax on the average wholesale price of gasoline
LB943 Senator Wishart Hearing 01/31/2018
Govt, Mil. & Vet. Aff.
"M*" Note: "*Conditional support with amendments" LB943
Redefine a term relating to budget limitations
LB947Senator SmithHearing 01/31/2018
MonitorLB947Testimony LB947
Adopt the Nebraska Property Tax Cuts & Opportunities Act, change income tax rates, and eliminate certain exemptions and credits
LB961Senator SmithRevenue02/07/2018LB961
Change corporate income tax rates
LB962Senator SmithRevenue 02/07/2018LB962
Change individual income tax rates
LB963Senator SmithRevenue02/07/2018LB963
Change how often real property is inspected and reviewed for property tax purposes
LB976Senator BrieseRevenue 02/08/2018LB976
Provide a reporting duty for the Beginning Farmer Board under the Beginning Farmer Tax Credit Act
LB980Senator WatermeierHearing 1/30/2018
Transportation and Telecommunications
Provide for issuance of permits for divisible loads of hay bales
LB994Senator FriesenTransportation and
Create the Rural Broadband Study Task Force, change provisions relating to the Nebraska Telecommunications Universal Service Fund and change powers and duties of the Public Service Commission as prescribed
LB1000Senator Briese02/01/2018
Govt, Military &
Veterans Affairs
Requie a bond election under the Public Facilities Construction and Finance Act
LB1001Senator BrieseHearing 02/05/2018
Provide for a review of the financing of schools
LB1007Senator KolowskiRevenue OpposeLB1007
Authorize school district to levy a tax and establish a fund for facilities-related expenditures
LB1021Senator SchumacherRevenueOppose
Eliminate certain sales and use tax exemptions
LB1022Senator SchumacherRevenueOpposeLB1022LB 1022 Testimony
Adopt the Irrigation Tax Act and change the valuation of agricultural land for property tax purposes
LB1075 Senator Friesen Revenue LB1075
Impose a fee on transfers of real estate
LB1076Senator FriesenRevenue LB1076
Increase the documentary stamp tax and provide for the use of the revenue
LB1077Senator FriesenRevenueLB1077
Eliminate levy limits for school districts
LB1084Senator BrieseRevenue
Adopt the Property Tax Request Limitation Act, provide sunset dates for certain tax exemptions and incentives, and change other revenue and taxation provisions
LB1088Senator WayneRevenueLB1088
Adopt the Nebraska Education Formula and the Remote Seller Sales Tax Collection Act, terminate the Tax Equity and Educational Opportunities Support Act and the Property Tax Credit Act, and eliminate certain tax exemptions
LB1090Senator Smith02/07/2018
Change provision relating to inflation adjustments, personal exemptions, and standard deductions
LB1091 Senator SmithRevenue LB1091
Update references to the internal Revenue Code
LB1100Senator ErdmanRevenueSupportLB1100LB 1100 Testimony
Change the valuation of agricultural land and horticultural land
LB1102Senator FriesenHearing 02/12/18
General Affairs
Change provisins relating to distribution of taxes collected, licenses renewals and fees, and the tax on gross proceeds for county and city lotteries
LB1103Senator FriesenHearing 02/06/2018
SupportLB1103LB 1103 Ag Leaders Testimony
Provide a minimum amount of state aid for each school district
LB1104Senator FriesenRevenueLB1104
Change provisions relating to the special valuation of agricultural or horticultural land
LB1106Senator LinehanRevenueSupportLB1106
Change requirements for overriding property tax limits
LB1108Senator HarrRevenue02/01/2018LB1108
Authorize certain tax credits, change the sales tax rate, and provide for school foundation aid and certain grant programs
LB1117Senator CrawfordRevenueLB1117
Change certain cigarette and tobacco products tax rates
LB1123Senator GroeneNatural ResourcesOpposeLB1123
Provide for streamflow augmentation projects and retention of water rights as prescribed
LB1124Senator Groene02/07/2018
Natural Resources
Provide notice and hearing requirements for public entities relating to land acquisition and ground water pump installations
LB1125Senator GroeneEducationLB1125
Change school finance base limitation and local effort rate provisions
LB1133Senator Wayne02/06/2018
Adopt the Industrial Hemp Act, provide an exemption under the Uniform Controlled Substances Act, and eliminate a provision relating to industrial hemp research
LR17CASenator WayneRevenueLR17CA
Constitutional amendment authorizing the Legislature to value real property for property tax purposes at its market value on date of acquisition
LR290CASenator Kuehn03/16/2018
Constitutional amendment to eliminate requirements that property taxes be levied by valuation uniformity and proportionately.