Below is a listing of the bills of interest to the Nebraska Corn Growers Association. Included is a description of the bill and the position the Nebraska Corn Growers Association has on the bill. Click on the associated link to access the full text of the bill or visit the Nebraska Legislature homepage.

Bill NumberIntroducerStatusNeCGA PositionView BillTestimony
LB684 Senator Blood
Adds service veteran to the Beginning Farmer Tax Credit Act.
LB693Senator Blood
Regulates and creates criminal offenses regarding the use of unmanned aircraft systems.
LB722Senator Wayne
Requires NPPD to produce not less than 20% of its electric power generation from renewable sources by 7/1/2020. LB728
LB738Senator Lindstrom
For taxable years beginning or deemed to begin o or after January 1, 2019, under the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, the Ta Commissioner shall adjust the dollar amounts by the same percentage used to adjust individual income tax brackets.
LB758Senator Hughes
Requires collaboration between natural resources districts and counties under the Nebraska Ground Water Management and Protection Act.
LB761Senator Hughes
Members of the Nebraska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission would receive $300 per diem with a maximum $12,000 annually.
LB766Senator Brasch
Requires that notce be given prior to commencing construction, maintenance, or repair of a division fence.
LB772Senator Walz
Agricultural and horticultural land shall qualify for special valuation if the land is located outside the corporate boundaries of any SID. LB778
LB778 Senator Groene
Any school district may establish a special fund for purposes of repairs and alterations of school buildings. An annual levy shall not exceed 14 cents.
LB805Senator Brasch
Nebraska Potato Development Act requires the Department of Agriculture to make available an annual report.
LB808Senator Harr
Changes provisions of community gardens and seed libraries. Creates the Community Food Production Water Fund and provides appropriations.
LB829Senator Erdman
Would provide a refundable credit to income tax equal to 50% of the school district taxes you pay. This bill mirrors a ballot initiative that will be circulated statewide over the next six months.
Senator McCollister
Strikes language that after filing a lien on crops, enforcement proceedings shall be instituted within ninety days.
LB846Senator Briese
Requires a governing body to provide clear and convincing evidence for approval of tax increment financing.
LB850Senator Linehan
Any political subdivision that issues bonds shall disclose the anticipated cost to the political subdivision of paying off the bonds according to their terms.
LR269CASenator Schumacher
Constitutional amendment to provide sovereignty to 36 square miles in rural Nebraska for 99 years.