Below is a listing of the bills of interest to the Nebraska Corn Growers Association. Included is a description of the bill and the position the Nebraska Corn Growers Association has on the bill. Click on the associated link to access the full text of the bill or visit the Nebraska Legislature homepage.

Bill NumberIntroducerStatusNeCGA PositionView BillTestimony
LB44 Senator WatermeierRevenue Committee
Hearing Date - 1/27/17
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SupportLB44Testimony LB44
Adopt the Remote Seller Sales Tax Collection Act.

LB44 would increase state sales tax revenue through collection of taxes on Internet purchases.
LB48Senator SchumacherRevenue Committee
Hearing - 1/18/17
OpposeLB48Testimony LB48
Provide an income tax adjustment relating to certain gains on the sale of real estate.
LB52 Senator SchumacherRevenue Committee
Hearing 1/18/17
OpposeLB52Testimony LB52
Adopt the Modern Tax Act

LB 52 creates the Modern Tax Act and would impose a tax at a rate of 5.5% on the amount of interest paid by a qualified debtor on any eligible loan.
LB55Senator SchumacherTransportation & Telecommunications
Hearing 1/30/17
OpposeLB55Testimony LB55
Change a duty of landowners relating to the frequency of mowing roadside weeds.
LB67 Senator BraschJudiciary Committee
Hearing date 3/9/2017
SupportLB67Testimony LB67
Adopt the Fair Repair Act.

Requires original equipment manufacturer of equipment to make the following available to the independent repair provider or owner of such equipment: 1) diagnostic & repair documentation 2) equipment available for purchase 3) diagnostic repair tools.
LB69 Senator Pansing-BrooksRevenue Committee
Hearing date 2/1/2017
Increase the earned income tax credit
LB87Senator BloodNatural ResoursesLB87
Redefine a qualified facility and authorize local distribution utilities to waive certain requirements relating to net metering
LB127Senator GroeneGovernment, Military and Veteran Aff. Committee
Hearing 2/2/2017
General File
Change notice requirements under Open Meetings Act
LB129 Senator MorfieldRevenue CommitteeMonitorLB129
Increase the earned income tax credit
LB144Senator FriesenEducation Committee
Hearing 2/6/17
In Committee
SupportLB144Testimony LB144
Change agricultural and horticultural adjusted valuations for calculating state aid to schools
LB172Senator AlbrechtBusiness & Labor Comm.
Hearing 1/3017
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Change the Employment Security Law
LB215Senator HarrRevenue Committee
Hearing 2/03/2017
SupportLB215Testimony LB215
Adopt the Nebraska E-15 Tax Credit Act
LB251Senator HarrRevenue Committee
Hearing 2/16/2017
Redefine agricultural or horticultural purposes for revenue and taxation purposes.
LB263Transportation & Telecommunications Committee
Hearing 2/7/2017
Final reading 4/24/2017
Change provisions relating to vehicle certificates of title, registration, and license plates and provide for implementation of an electronic dealer services system by the Department of Motor Vehicles.
LB265Senator FriesenEducation Committee
Hearing 2/6/17
In Committee
MonitorLB265Testimony LB265
Provide for a minimum amount of state aid based on the number of students in a local system.
LB266Senator FriesenRevenue Committee
Hearing 2/16/2017
SupportLB266Testimony LB266
Change the valuation of agricultural land and horticultural land
LB276Senator AlbrechtAgriculture
Hearing 1/24/17
Final Reading 4/24/17
MonitorLB276Testimony LB276
Change provision relating to hybrid seed corn and provide enforcement powers and judicial remedies
LB299Senator EbkeGovernment, Military and Veterans Aff. Committee
Hearing 2/24/2017
Adopt the Occupational Board Reform Act and change procedures for rules and regulations
LB309Senator BraschGovernment, Military & Vet. Affairs CommitteeMonitorLB309
Eliminate Daylight Saving Time
LB310Senator FriesenTransportation & Telecommunications Committee
Hearing 2/6/2017
Change provisions relating to bridge carrying capacities and weight limits
LB 312Senator BrieseRevenue Committee
Hearing 2/22/2017
SupportLB312Testimony LB312
Change and eliminate revenue and taxation provisions
LB313Senator BrieseRevenue Committee
hearing 2/22/2017
Change the sales tax rate and the earned income tax credit and provide property tax credits
LB326Senator KolowskiRevenue committee
Hearing 3/2/2017
OpposeLB326Testimony LB326
Provide additional budget and tax levy authority for certain school districts
LB337Senator SmithRevenue Committee
Hearing 2/8/2017
Amended into LB461
Change income tax rates and provide for deferrals of the rate changes.
LB338 - Amended to LB461Senator BraschRevenue Committee
Hearing 2/08/2017
Amended into LB 461
SupportLB338Testimony LB338
Adopt the Agricultural Valuation Fairness Act
LB348Senator LarsonAgriculture Committee
Hearing 1/31/17
Eliminate licensing, an excise tax, and other provisions for the Nebraska Potato Development Act.
LB373Senator SchumacherRevenue CommitteeOpposeLB373
Change and eliminate revenue and taxation provisions
LB380Senator HarrRevenue Committee
Hearing 2/15/2017
Change income tax rates, itemized deductions, and standard deductions.
LB409Senator GroeneEducation Committee
Hearing 3/06/2017
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Change the base limitation and local effort rate for school districts
LB429Senator WishartNatural Resources
Hearing 2/22/2017
Provide for virtual net metering
LB452Senator LindstromRevenue Committee
Hearing 2/15/2017
Impose sales tax on services and change income tax rates and personal exemption amounts.
LB457Senator BrieseEducation Committee
Hearing 1/31/2017
Change exceptions to school district levy and budget exceptions for voluntary termination agreements
LB461Senator SmithOn General FileMonitorLB461
Omnibus tax bill to cut individual and corporate tax rates, value agriculture land on oncime rather than comparable sales, and increase earned income tax credits for low-income taxpayers. Also includes LB337 and LB338.
LB462Senator SmithRevenue
Hearing 1/27/2017
Correct provisions relating to the streamlined sales and use tax agreement
LB468Senator KristRevenue Committee
Hearing 2/15/2017
Change revenue and taxation provisions
LB488Senator GroeneNatural Resources CommitteeMonitorLB488
Adopt the Water Conservation Grant Act
LB540Senator StinnerEducation CommitteeMonitorLB540
Provide for a temporary aid adjustment factor in the Tax Equity and Educational Opportunities Support Act
LB545Senator WatermeierAppropriations Committee
Hearing 3/03/2017
SupportLB545Testimony LB545
Provide for fund transfers relating to the Property Tax Credit Cash Fund
LB547Senator WatermeierNatural Resources
Hearing 2/23/2017
State legislative findings, change provisions relating to eminent domain, and review by the Nebraska Power Review Board
LB563Senator McCollisterRevenue Committee
Hearing 2/22/2016
SupportLB563Testimony LB563
Impose sales tax on certain services and eliminate certain sales tax exemptions
LB564Senator McCollisterRevenue Committee
Hearing 1/27/17
SupportLB564Testimony LB564
Adopt the Nebraska Main Street Fairness Act
LB569Senator FriesenEducation Committee
Hearing 2/27/2017
Establish the Community College Task Force and sunset community college levies
LB570Senator FriesenRevenue Committee
Hearing 3/9/2017
SupportLB570Testimony LB570
Provide a property tax exemption for all tangible personal property
LB571Senator FriesenEducation Committee
Hearing 2/6/17
SupportLB571Testimony LB571
Change state aid provisions relating to allocated income tax funds
LB572Senator FriesenRevenue Committee
Hearing 3/09/2017
Provide termination dates for the Property Tax Credit Act and the Tax Equity and Educational Opportunities Support Act and change application deadlines under the Nebraska Advantage Act
LB576Senator BrewerRevenue Committee
Hearing 3/9/2017
Limit increase in property tax bills
LB584Senator FriesenTransportation & Telecommunications Committee
Hearing 1/30/17
SupportLB584Testimony LB584
Change provisions relating to mowing of weeds
LB601Senator ErdmanRevenue Committee
Hearing 2/03/2017
SupportLB601Testimony LB601
Change distribution of sales and use tax revenue and provide duties for Department of Revenue
LB602Senator ErdmanRevenue Committee
Hearing 2/24/2017
MonitorLB602Testimony LB602
Change and eliminate provision relating to the valuation of agricultural land
LB617Senator WayneAgriculture Committee
Hearing 2/21/2017
Adopt the Industrial Hemp Act
LB633Senator KolowskiRevenue Committee
Hearing 3/02/2017
Authorize school districts to levy a tax and exceed budget authority for school security measures and student technology
LB640Senator GroeneRevenue Committee
Hearing 2/15/2017
Failed to Advance
SupportLB640Testimony LB640
Change provision of the Property Tax Credit Act and provide school district property tax relief
LB657Senator WayneNatural Resources
Hearing 2/16/2017
Adopt the Retail Electricity Transparency Act
LB660Senator WayneNatural Resources
Hearing 2/15/2017
Adopt the Nebraska Retail Electricity Choice Act and remove a restriction on the sale or delivery of retail electricity by a private electric supplier
LR4 Senator BloodExecutive BoardMonitorLR4
Interim study to explore if the development of a more comprehensive water quality study is needed
LR17CASenator BloodRevenue CommitteeMonitorLR17CA
Change provisions of the Property Tax Credit Act and provide school district property tax relief