Guy Mill’s Testimony to EPA

June 25, 2015 Distinguished members of the EPA: I would like to thank you for being here today to listen to our point of view, hopefully reconsider your position, and follow the law. My name is Guy Mills.  Our family farm has been operating in Nebraska for 138... read more

TPA: “A Huge Victory” for Farmers

By Dave McCracken to The Omaha World-Herald The writer is president of the Nebraska Cattlemen. In Nebraska we chuckle knowing there are more cattle that call our state home than there are people. However, it is no joke how important Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) is... read more

Can 2, 4-D Be Used Safely?

  Dear Friends, I am pleased to share with you several short video conversations between Dr. Julie Goodman and Dr. Jim Bus. With more than 40,000 studies published on 2,4-D, we are fortunate to have experts like Dr. Goodman and Dr. Bus who can explain how 2,4-D... read more

NCGA Analysis of Final Waters of the U.S. Rule

May 28,2015 Talking Points NCGA is deeply concerned that the scope, reach and effect of the final Clean Water Act waters of the U.S. (WOTUS) rule is far too broad as matter of law and good policy, leading to major problems and concerns for farmers. While it is clear... read more