Research Strategy Survey

Nebraska Corn Growers:   In an effort to be more strategic in prioritizing the research funded by the Nebraska Corn Checkoff Program, the Nebraska Corn Board is asking for your assistance in identifying the issues that hold the most importance to Nebraska farmers.  ... read more

2015 Corn and Soybean Mentor Tours

On August 20th and 21st the Corn and Soy Mentors took part in an agricultural industry tour. This tour gives the students the opportunity to see different aspects of the agriculture industry and learn about job opportunities and internships available to them. The... read more

NeCGA Strategic Plan

Goal I: Have a strong and vital Nebraska Corn Growers organization supported by a grassroots membership. Have 2,500 members by March 31, 2016. Develop projects encouraging more local participation. Develop membership value programs and recruiting incentives. Develop... read more

Custer County Crop Tour

The Custer County Corn Growers summer crop tour was held on Tuesday, August 18th.  Their tour included four locations. First stop was at Dave, Jason, and Rodney Lambs 160 acre drip irrigation field. This stop showed how this irrigation practice is being used to... read more

Corn Congress 2015

    Steve Ebke, Nebraska Corn Growers Association’s Government Relations Co-Chair       Brad Ashford, United States Congressman Representing Nebraska’s 2nd District, speaks with Greg Whitmore, Nebraska Corn Growers... read more