I started my internship in May and spent most of the summer building my communication and social media skills. I’ve spent time running NeCGA’s social media pages, planning and organizing events, updating our website, creating invitations, infographics and various other things! 

Throughout the summer, another main task I had was helping local associations with summer events, whether that be a recruiting event or a golf outing. I created invitations that were sent out to local members. In addition, I attended a variety of events throughout the summer. The first event was the Children’s Groundwater Festival. Most of June was spent in the office obtaining sponsors for our annual Nebraska Corn Grower Open Golf Tournament, helping Katherine plan our 50th Anniversary Event and organizing the second session of the PRIME Program. This program is for young or up and coming farmers to learn more about the agriculture industry and how to better their operations. The PRIME session was a two-day event that consisted of various speakers from agricultural sectors with the second day full of ag industry tours. I started July by presenting about Nebraska Corn to high school students at the Nebraska Agricultural Youth Council with Emily. I also attended local events including the Saunders County Recruitment Event and the Buffalo-Hall Golf Outing. I enjoyed helping at these events and the opportunity to meet the members of the local associations. August was packed with the Corn Grower Open Golf Tournament, the 50th Anniversary Celebration and the Corn and Soy Ambassador Program’s industry tour day. Planning and organizing these events has been my favorite project so far because I was able to see them from start to finish.

Since the fall semester has started, my internship is now part-time. The opportunity to be in this position and work for NeCGA is such an honor and I value every minute. I have been able to continue building skills including my leadership, communication and time management from working in the office and organizing the various events. I have built relationships with my co-workers as well as members of the association and have gotten my foot in the professional world and career field after college. I truly feel like I have grown so much from when I first started this internship. I am so grateful to have been given this opportunity and cannot wait to see what opportunities lie ahead!”

Sam Oborny 

NeCGA Communications & Outreach Intern