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7/17/2024CommonGround ConferenceJoan Ruskamp
7/11/2024California MissionJay Reiners
7/3/2024Nourish the FutureJason Lewis
6/27/2024Summer Membership DriveEthan Zoerb
6/21/2024Corn Grower Open Aug 8 in Kearney Chris Grams
6/13/2024Update on the Field 2 Market Activities and Efforts Brandon Hunnicutt
06/06/2024Trade Update from National Corn Growers Brooke Appleton
05/30/2023An Update on CommonGround ActivitiesMorgan Wrich
05/23/2024NAYI in JulyMadison Kreifels
05/15/20242024 NE Legislative SummaryAndy Jobman
05/09/2024NCGA Priorities in D.C.Harold Wolle
05/02/2024Renewable Fuels MonthPayton Schaneman
04/25/2024PRIME Program UpdateCatherine Frerichs
04/19/2024NCB Communications CommitteeAndy Groskopf
04/11/2024Ag In the ClassroomMegahn Schafer
04/05/2024LEAD ProgramRyan Hanousek
03/28/2024State Checkoff ROIKelly Brunkhorst
03/21/2024Preview of 2024 State FFA ConventionKeetyn Valentine
03/14/2024Corn Congress UpdateMichael Dibbern
03/06/2024Corn Soy Ambassador ProgramMarshall Baker
2/28/2024Discussion to increase ROI on your corn checkoffPayton Schaneman
02/21/2024WA DC Mission TripThad Baum
02/14/2024NCGA Action Team AssignmentsJason Lewis
02/9/2024Farmers for Soil HealthRachael Whitehair
02/2/2024Annual Meeting RecapChris Grams
01/26/2024Corn Board Director OpeningsKelly Brunkhorst
01/19/2024New Membership CategoryEthan Zoerb
01/11/2024Priorities of NeCGAMichael Dibbern
01/04/2024NCB Year in Review and Previewing 2024Jay Reiners
12/28/2023NCGA Year in ReviewKrista Swanson
12/21/2023Policy Highlights of 2023Chris Grams
12/14/2023USMEF UpdateDave Bruntz
12/06/2023Recruiting for PRIME ProgramKatherine Byrne
11/30/2023AFAN UpdateSteve Martin
11/27/2023Fertilizer Tariff WinsAndy Jobman
11/15/2023Ethanol PromotionBrandon Hunnicutt
11/09/2023South Korea Trade TeamJason Lewis
11/03/2023DC Leadership MissionKatherine Byrne
10/25/2023Ag Sack Lunch ProgramGinger Jelinek
10/19/2023Meet the District 2 Director of NCBMatt Sullivan
10/12/2023Corn and Soy Ambassador ProgramSamantha Oborny
10/05/2023October Fuel the Cure PromotionJessica Sodeke
9/27/2023US Grains Council Trade MissionJay Reiners
9/21/2023 Nebraska Corn InternshipsJill Parrent
9/14/2023 NCGA Sustainable Ag Research Action TeamJason Lewis
9/07/2023 Husker Harvest DaysEthan Zoerb
8/31/2023 Mexico Trade TeamPayton Schaneman
8/24/2023 Internship RecapAlexis Bodlak
08/17/2023 Corn Grower Golf RecapChris Grams
08/09/2023 PRIME UpdateJake Rickert
08/02/2023 USGC Summer MeetingBrandon Hunnicutt
07/25/2023 Discussing Corn Congress John Krohn
07/19/2023 Part 3 of the new strategic plan for NE Corn Jay Reiners
07/13/2023 Extra Insight Into NE Corn's Strategic Plan Chris Grams
07/07/2023 Nebraska Corn Strategic Plan Kelly Brunkhorst
06/30/2023 2023 Summer Membership Drive Ethan Zoerb
06/22/2023Farm Bill Update Wayne Stoskopf
06/14/2023California Ethanol Mission John Greer
06/06/2023Corn and Soy Ambassador UpdateJacob Wells
06/01/2023Water for Global Food ConferenceRachael Whitehair
05/25/2023Common Ground UpdateCrystal Klug
05/18/20232023 NAYIChristin Kamm
NCGA SustainabilityNathan Fields
05/03/2023Renewable Fuels MonthPayton Schaneman
04/26/202313th Annual Corn Grower Open Katherine Byrne
04/19/2023Consider Corn Challenge IVJim Baumann
04/12/2023USDA's Climate Smart ProgramRachael Whitehair
04/06/2023Recap of Corn Congress at Commodity ClassicDave Merrell
Partnership with NE Corn and Ag in the Classroom

Megahn Schafer
03/22/2023 State FFA Officers give preview of next weeks ConventionLibby Wilkens Dustin Andreasen
03/15/2023 Update on Corn Uses in NebraskaPayton Schaneman
03/08/2023 DC Leadership Mission Recap Mike Bergen
03/01/2023LB562 and E15 Access Act Progress Andy Jobman
02/22/2023Preview of Commodity Classic Tom Haag
02/15/2023Mexico Decree and Dispute Panel Through USMCA Anne Thompson
02/09/2023CommonGround gathering in GeorgiaJoan Ruskamp
02/01/2023Update on Sustainable Ag Research Action TeamJason Lewis
01/25/2023Annual Meeting RecapChris Grams
01/18/2023Next PRIME ProgramKatherine Byrne
01/11/2023Opportunities for Farmers to serve on NCBKelly Brunkhorst
01/04/2023Importance of MembershipDan Wesely