Steve Melvin – Extension Educator, Irrigated Cropping Systems
Merrick County Extension Office

The growing season was generally good, however several high wind events in October did cause some broken stalks and dropped ears. So to document the damage, dropped ears were counted after harvest by simply counting the ears on the ground between the middle two rows of the plot for a distance of 100 ft. and recording the numbers. Some hybrids had a lot of broken stalks but the combine was able to pick most of them up and recover the ears.

The general field agronomics:
Population                   34,000
Planting Date              8-May-17
Pre-plant                       150 lbs of NH3, 20 gal. 10-34-0 dual placed
Planting                       7-24-4-.25 zinc 5 gal/A, 8 oz. Capture, v4-v5 20 gal 32% injected, V5-V6 Coulter machine 20 gal 32% N
Pre-herbicide              Staunch, Acuron, Durango
Post herbicide            V6-V7 Solstice, Durango
Fung/insecticide       After pollination TrivaPro + Frenzie Attack

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