Member Benefits

When you join or renew as a 3-year member with NeCGA, you receive $150 OFF your next seed purchase. *Minimum purchase of 24 units of seed* This offer is valid at any of these cooperating seed companies:

  • AgriGold
  • Channel
  • Big Cob Hybrids
  • LG Seeds
  • Champion Seed
  • Pioneer Seeds
  • Fontanelle Hybrids
  • Hoegemeyer
  • Midland Genetics
  • Prairie Valley
  • Seitec Genetics
  • Renk Seed
  • Taylor Seed Farms
  • Becks Hybrids


Big Benefits through NCGA

In addition to the seed discount, you also receive significant benefits through your automatic membership in the National Corn Growers Association. These benefits include discounts on vehicle purchases, hotels, office supplies, sporting goods, Commodity Classic registration and more. Other benefits include eligibility for college scholarships and the National Corn Yield Contest.