The U.S. Department of Commerce announced last week it was lowering duties placed on phosphate fertilizers imported from Morocco from 19.97% to 2.12%. The decision comes after the agency conducted an administrative review of the duties, which is performed annually by retroactively examining the price of shipments and other factors. Nebraska Corn Growers Association Chairman, Andy Jobman, testified to the International Trade Commission and spoke on a panel in Washington, D.C., relaying concerns about fertilizer tariffs and addressing the need for the reevaluation of the duties. As it stood, the negative implications for producers were determinantal to their operations.

“Nebraska Corn appreciates the change in duties for phosphate fertilizers,” said Chris Grams, President of the Nebraska Corn Growers Association. “The Nebraska Corn Growers Association and Nebraska Corn Board have been at the forefront of this issue at the beginning, raising concerns about the petition from the Mosaic Company, calling on a review of the duties and standing up for producers who need the financial relief of lower duties. We appreciate the steps taken for producers across the nation, but especially in Nebraska.”