The Nebraska Corn Board (NCB) and the Nebraska Corn Growers Association (NeCGA) are pleased to announce the selection of Dr. James Schnable as the next Nebraska Corn Checkoff Presidential Chair. The organizations are enthusiastic about the opportunities for engagement and collaboration the partnership can provide. Dr. Schnable’s previous and ongoing work aligns well with Nebraska Corn Board’s goals and will serve as an asset to Nebraska corn growers.

The presidential chair appointment serves as an opportunity to focus university research and a dedicated faculty member on the topics that are pertinent to Nebraska corn growers. Dr. Schnable brings a broad research portfolio and a valuable mindset that will be beneficial to the industry. He brings strong connections within the innovation and new uses space with his work within differentiated products, bio-processing and fermentation. Notably, he also provides expertise within the agronomic aspect of genomics/ phenomics and increasing our understanding of input efficiency. Earlier this year, he was part of an international research team that was able to map the complete corn genome, a landmark breakthrough that opens the door to long-term advances in crop health, resilience, and productivity.

Dr. Schnable possesses an entrepreneurial spirit and a multidisciplinary approach to the complex challenges the corn industry faces amidst a changing workforce, climate and increased demand for both production and sustainability. His established connections throughout the Nebraska University system and across additional academic institutions and industries will be a key advantage to the organizations. Additionally, Nebraska Corn applauds and wishes to foster his efforts to grow the next generation of agricultural professionals and to increase student opportunities for on-farm engagement.

“Nebraska Corn approves of the appointment of Dr. Schnable as the Nebraska Corn Checkoff Presidential Chair,” said Jay Reiners, Chairman of NCB. “We believe this selection will open doors to collaborations and research that will continue to benefit our industry for generations to come.”

Mike Boehm, NU Vice President and Harlan Vice Chancellor, for UNL’s Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, said he was grateful for the strong partnership among NCB, Nebraska Corn Growers Association (NeCGA) and Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources (IANR).

“I am thrilled with the selection of Dr. Schnable as the Nebraska Corn Checkoff Presidential Chair,” Boehm said. “Dr. Schnable has long been engaged in work important to corn growers in Nebraska and across the United States. This honor strengthens the already close partnership between IANR and corn producers and positions Nebraska to be a global leader not just in agriculture, but in the growing and increasingly important fields of biofuels and biomaterials.”