NeCGA & Nebraska Corn Board

The difference between the corn checkoff (Nebraska Corn Board) and NeCGA

Every Nebraska corn farmer invests in the corn checkoff administered by the Nebraska Corn Board. But joining the Nebraska Corn Growers Association is a choice. When you choose to join the Nebraska Corn Growers Association, you make the choice to support your industry in ways that the corn checkoff cannot:


Nebraska Corn Growers Association (NeCGA)Nebraska Corn Board (NCB)
An independent member-supported association begun in 1972A state agency created by statute in 1978
Supported through dues paid by its membershipFunded through a 1/2-cent-per-bushel checkoff assessed on all corn marketed in the state
Growers make a personal choice to join and support their industryAll corn producers are required by law to invest in the checkoff
Can lobby on policy and regulatory issues at the state and national levelsProhibited by law from lobbying at the state level-and restricted in its ability to influence federal policy
Focused on farm policy, regulatory issues, leadership development and grower educationFocused on market development, research, promotion, education and building domestic and international demand for corn, red meat, biofuels and corn co-products
Helps create a policy and regulatory environment that enhances the future of Nebraska corn producersInvests in programs, research and initiatives that capitalize on opportunities for Nebraska corn producers