They weren’t kidding when they said your internship will fly by! I can’t believe the year has already came and gone. I have learned so much and meet so many incredible people throughout the past year. When I started last May, I was eager to learn more about the agricultural industry focusing on communications and public policy. As I am finishing up, I am leaving with my heart so full and even more eager to continue a career in the agricultural industry.

It’s hard to sum up my time in a few paragraphs but there were definitely some highlights throughout the year. I grew up on a farm where no two days are the same. I came in excited to experience a different side of the agricultural sector. Last summer I got to travel to events almost weekly. As many of you know, Nebraska Corn Growers hosts a golf tournament each year. This was my first main event when I started. It was really neat to see the tournament come together being on the backside of planning. A highlight was seeing the members having a good time knowing I played a part in organizing it.

I also had to opportunity to travel with a Leadership Group to Washington D.C. Although, I have been fortunate to travel to D.C quite a bit, this trip was the best one yet! We got to meet with multiple organizations like the U.S Grains Council, National Corn Growers, Waterways Council, and many more. We also got to sit down with the Nebraska Delegation and discuss policy that we, as Nebraskans, are passionate about and encourage the delegation to continue to do right for Nebraska’s number one industry, agriculture.

Whether it was in the office or at an event, there was always something exciting going on. I will always remember the talks with Brenda or the encounters with board members or traveling with Corn Board staff. This internship was one for the books.

I will be forever thankful for the people I had the privilege of meeting whether they were members or industry leaders and everyone in between. A special thanks to Morgan who has become a big mentor in my life and taught me more than I could have ever asked for. The connections I made and the opportunities I had were unmatched to anything I could have imagined.

Thank you again for your support in my internship!