Dear Nebraska Corn Farmer:

We hope this finds you in the spirit of spring, even though we are witnessing the challenges of
our economy and great uncertainty surrounding COVID-19. On behalf of your checkoff
investment in the Nebraska Corn Board and your membership in the Nebraska Corn Growers
Association, we wanted to relay the numerous activities that we have taken part in over the last
several weeks – and will continue over the weeks ahead on your behalf.

Most importantly, we recognize the mental fatigue that we all are enduring. As a state, we
witnessed similar mental stress a year ago. It taught us a lot about our own resiliency and to ask
for help when needed. During this time of physical distancing, rest assured, you are not alone. If
you need help, there are resources available. You can call the Nebraska Rural Resources Hotline
at 1.800.464.0258 or text “Home” to 741741.

Communication continues to be key during this pandemic. On your behalf, we are in constant
contact with Nebraska’s Congressional members and Governor Ricketts. We have conveyed our
concerns regarding various aspects of our industry and questions on operational issues.
Nebraska Corn has been engaged in a number of weekly briefings at the state, national and
international level. These include:

  • Updates from the Nebraska Department of Agriculture and other state agricultural
  • Weekly calls with the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) on national level issues
    and federal policy
  • Weekly calls with the U.S. Grains Council on the continued support and advancement of
    international trade and logistics
  • Update from the U.S. Meat Export Federation on continued opportunities for
    international red meat exports

Nebraska Corn is taking an active role in a COVID-19 Task Force that was quickly initiated by
NCGA. The goal is to facilitate the collection of information, streamline the decision-making
process to make recommendations and coordinate activities with the broader corn value chain.

On our behalf, NCGA has also stayed in constant contact with our allies in Congress. They are
communicating our concerns and requests from the COVID-19 Task Force. Additionally, staff are
active in briefings with key agencies such as the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

As we enter into the critical spring planting season, having uninterrupted access to inputs will
be key. NCGA received updates from a large number of supply chain companies – seed to
chemicals and fertilizer to transportation. The industries reported successful efforts in securing
their workforce and customers and reported no significant supply chain issues.

During uncertain times such as these, focusing on good news is important. Regarding trade,
USDA reported over 35 million bushels of sales to who we believe is China. Indonesia and Japan
are updating policies to allow for great inclusion of ethanol. The world is short protein and the
U.S. has a reliable supply. All great news, given the uncertainty we live in today.

In closing, we wanted to relay our actions on your behalf and the work we know we have ahead
of us. We hope that your families are safe, you all have a great spring planting season and keep
our medical professionals on the front line in your thoughts. Should you have any questions,
please do not hesitate to call either of our offices.


Dan Nerud – President, Nebraska Corn Growers Association
David Bruntz – Chairman, Nebraska Corn Board

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