Below is information on the Ford Ethanol V10 Engine along with the rebate for Nebraska customers from the Nebraska Corn Board for $4000.00 for four engines. If you have any questions about this program, please contact Jeff Wilkerson, Director of Market Development for the Nebraska Corn Board, at

Background Information on the Program:

  • The Nebraska Corn Board rebate is only good in Nebraska and goes to the end user. We have four rebates right now. A new calendar year begins 7.1.2020
  • The V10 Ford Power unit is EPA certified to run on E85 or E100, and constant speed applications
  • The V10 Ford can be used in a stationary or mobile application
  • Orthman Energy LLC (OE) covers all warranty pertaining to the emissions and the following components: Injectors, Spark plugs, Catalyst convertor, Oxygen sensors, Fuel pump and Fuel regulator, Fuel lines/connections/rail, and Calibration software.  We would like to see this warranty claim filed with OE technical support at (308-962-6101).
  • The balance of product warranties is with AIE and EDI
  • Two years or 2000 hours warranty on Ford Ethanol power units
  • Ranges are from 1500 to 3200 RPM

The rebate form can be found HERE.