Nebraska Corn Specialty License Plate

To apply for a Nebraska Corn specialty license plate you must fill out one of the attached application forms and mail it DIRECTLY to the DMV (address provided on application) OR apply online via this link:

Cost for the Nebraska Corn specialty license plate is $70, which is in addition to the standard fees for licensing one’s vehicle in Nebraska.  This additional fee is due with the initial application and is subject to annual renewal.

The Nebraska Corn license plates can be used on a wide range of vehicles and equipment including passenger vehicles, pickups, farm trucks, semi-trailers, motorcycles, trailers and mobile homes.

Customized “vanity” plate messages are not available, and the plates will not carry a county designation.   The Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles will assign plate numbers as applications are submitted.

For more questions regarding the specialty plates please call the DMV offices at (402) 471-3918.

Find applications here: Plate App DMV Address & Online DMV App